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The Vangoran association has a membership news letter – Vangoran. Due to the lack aof an editor it's presently not active. Every news letter contains standard pages with information for our members. You can also read articles written by veterinarians, breeders, our members own cat stories, events, competitions, ads. It will also contain beautiful pictures of our wonderful cats- the Angora and the Van cat. And all sort of fun and interesting things that our editor gets hold on.

Redaktör Bilder och titelkatter Utställningsresultat och
Årets Turk
Vacant Vacant Agneta Canpolat (Årets turk)


Övergripande ansvar för tidningen och insänt material. Tar emot och hanterar alla bilder samt sätter samman sidorna med titelkatter Tar emot alla utställningsresultat och räknar ut Årets Turk
Avel och uppfödning  
Annika Elofsson
Annebergsg 57
667 31 Forshaga
Ansvarar för sidorna med planerade och födda kullar samt avelshanarna.  
The standard pages are:
The editor's pages
The Chairman's pages
The secretary's pages
New members and changes of addresses
Planned and newly born litters
The Turkish cat of the year standings
Exhibition results
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GIC Poppalainens Angelika

Do you have anything for the news letter, a story, new ides, what so ever- contact us. We will gladly give you tips of what you can do if you want to help.

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