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It doesn't matter how many pictures we will publish or how many nice words we will write about our cats, it will never beet the experience of meeting them live. One easy way to meet a Turkish Angora or a Turkish Van cat is to visit an exhibition for cats. The Turkish Van and Turkish Angora are small breeds and it isn't certain that there are attending any on every cat show. Therefor we have this list of cat shows where our members are planning to participate with there cats. Do you want more information about the exhibitions you'll find links to the arranging association at SVERAK, Svenska Katters Sida and Norske Rasekattklubbers Riksförbund pages.

Turkish Van Turkish Angora
2020-02-08 Örebro Nerk
2020-02-09 Örebro Nerk
2020-03-14 Upplands Väsby Stockholms kattklubb
2020-03-15 Upplands Väsby Stockholms kattklubb
2020-04-05 Åhus Föreningen Mästerkatten
2020-02-08 Örebro Nerk
2020-04-05 Åhus Föreningen Mästerkatten

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