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 Turkisk Van
 Turkisk Angora
 Planerade kullar
 Kattungar till salu
 Årets Turk
 Träffa katterna
 Logga in

FIFe Standard for Turkish Van

Head Shape Short, blunted triangle
Gently curved forehead, followed by a slight indentaion, leading to medium long and straight nose.
Chin Firm

Ears Shape Medium to large and well furnished, wide at the base, slightly rounded tips
The ears are preferred to be white outside, inside pale pink
Placement Set one ear width apart, placed medium high on the skull

Eyes Shape Large and oval, set slightly oblique
Colour Blue
Light amber
odd eyed: one eye blue, the other one light amber
Eye lids to be outlined with pink 

Neck Strong

Body Structure Long but sturdy, muscular, medium heavy type

Legs Medium long
Paws Daintly, round, well tufted

Tail Medium long; well furnished, but without undercoat.
A black/blue/auburn/cream/Tortie/blue tortie and corresponding agouti
patch on the rump extends to cover the whole of the tail, which is
faintly ringed in black/blue/auburn/cream/tortie/blue tortie.

Coat Structure Semi-long on the body, fine and silky texture. No woolly undercoat.
Colour Chalk white with no trace of yellow.
Patches of black/blue/auburn/cream/tortie/blue tortie and
corresponding agouti varietes on the face with a white blaze.

Paw Pads

Remarks Some cats have small, irregularly placed black/blue/auburn/cream/
tortie/blue tortie and corresponding agouti patches, but this should
not disqualify an otherwise good specimen.

Often the blue/auburn/cream/tortie/blue tortie patches are more
barred than solid.

Scale of points

Head General shape, nose, jaw and teeth, chin
shape and size of the eyes
Ears Shape and placement
Eye Colour   10
Body Shape, size, bone structure
Legs and shape of paws
Shape and length of tail
Coat Colour
Quality and texture
Condition   5
Total   100 points

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